Inclusion, Access & Participation Is Our Passion

A Spectrum Connected is a unique consultancy and clinic that specialises in facilitating inclusive community building, providing universal access for all.  We offer solutions tailored for your needs, elevating your organisation to be compliant with legislation and current community standards.  

Our business services include the design and delivery of:

  • Policy writing

  • Staff training - eLearning and blended

  • Inclusion and accessibility plans

  • Inclusive environments consulting

  • Cultural change programs

  • Education and coaching

  • Digital and visual communications

  • Advocacy

  • C.U.E. Methodology and hidden disability iceberg IP

We also offer individual and family therapy through our clinic.  Our clinic is not diagnostic, age or gender specific and offers a range of services including Occupational Therapy, Life Skills groups, transition to school, tertiary education and work programs. Our clinic work, in addition to our lived experience, underpins our corporate and community programs.

People around the globe are beginning to understand that embracing diversity and empowering inclusion in any home, workplace, business or public service is much more than compliance to a set of functional standards.   Quite simply, inclusion is about re-introducing harmony and connection in our relationships and community. 

A Spectrum Connected's philosophy is to celebrate the different abilities and qualities in each of us.  Our consultancy, training programs and clinic sessions provide your business, organisation or family with the tools to redevelop your connection and community 'muscles' in a fun and life changing way.